The High ROI Solopreneur Guide

5 Biggest Mistakes One-Person Business Owners Make That Lead to Opt-in Pages That Don't Convert, Email Lists With Uninterested Prospects, and $0 In Their Bank Account

(Even If You've Taken Justin Welsh's MBA And Think You Know What You're Doing)

Are you ready to become a high ROI Solopreneur?

My name is Kurtis Pykes, but you can call me KP...I've invested over $12,000 in coaching programs to receive direct mentorship from high ROI solopreneurs like Matt Gray, Nicolas Cole, and Dickie Bush.The lessons I learned from them have helped me transform my high-effort, low-reward freelance writing career into a high-paying solopreneur business with no extra effort (and sometimes less).And now, I want to share everything I've learned to help you:

  • Capture prospects who are dying to give you money

  • Write killer CTAs

  • Create opt-in pages that convert 50-70% of prospects who land on it

  • Keep a steady flow of leads coming without cold outreach

  • Convert warm prospects into paying customers (and retain them)

This free email course gives you everything you need to become a high-earning solopreneur.

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: Trying to appeal to everyone - and why this attracts leads that have no interest in purchasing your offeringsDay 2: Doing insufficient content marketing – and why this leads to you working 10x harder to find new customersDay 3: Using weak CTAs – and why this leads to prospects ignoring your requests.Day 4: Creating poorly designed opt-in pages – and why this leads to high bounce rates.Day 5: Misusing email marketing – and why this leads to no money ever being transferred to your bank account.

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